The turn of a calendar year encourages making changes for the better. For medical records departments, the number one resolution is to streamline their Release of Information process because they know the challenges they faced in 2021 will continue in 2022, and most likely beyond.

Rather than continuing to follow their same ROI processes and hoping for better outcomes, those managing ROI and medical records staff are seeking results-oriented, proven solutions. They’re thinking outside their clinic’s medical records departments to find a HIPAA compliant, accurate and timely ROI service that alleviates stress on their current staff and fits within their budget.

Like all solutions, the most effective ones are those that are tailored to your specific needs and environment. They meet you where you are now and evolve as you inch closer to your ultimate goal – quickly and accurately meeting your patients’ and payers’ demands for medical records.

ScanSTAT’s ROI Service Fits a Variety of Situations and Solves Several Challenges

ScanSTAT provides release of information services for clinics across the country. These organizations rely on ScanSTAT’s staff for additional support or as their outsourced medical records team. Each solution is truly customized to the clinic, its team and ROI workload. We give clinic leaders peace of mind that whatever the long or short-term situation – hiring and retention difficulties, an influx of requests, an employee out sick or on leave, etc. – release of information requests are handled as usual, according to their workflows and EMR software.

Situation: Your clinic is behind on fulfilling record requests, which is creating other problems ranging from late payments to delays in care.

Challenge: You find it nearly impossible to recruit and retain qualified employees to handle ROI.

ScanSTAT’s Complete ROI service is the solution with advanced automation and certified, on-site ROI specialists to reduce your team’s workload.

Complete service is designed to:

  • Eliminate ROI overhead costs
  • Maximize EMR efficiency
  • Provide consistent service
  • Ensure HIPAA and regulatory compliance
  • Improve staff productivity

Situation: You want to increase your staff’s productivity and put their focus on patient care.

Challenge: Your staff is stretched enough, struggling to manage both effectively.

ScanSTAT’s Remote ROI service lets your staff submit medical record requests to us. Our team handles it from there, freeing your employees to spend their time on patients.

Remote service is designed to:

  • Completely relieve your clinic of the ROI administrative burden
  • Eliminate ROI overhead costs
  • Maximize EMR efficiency
  • Free up time and space for healthcare delivery
  • Ensure HIPAA and regulatory compliance
  • Improve staff productivity

Situation: Your clinic has a medical records team.

Challenge: That team struggles to keep up with request volume.

ScanSTAT’s U-Control ROI service is perfect for clinics that have medical records staff available to handle requests, but also could benefit from the additional QA, reporting capabilities and use of our technology and portal.

U-Control service is designed to:

  • Keep complete control of the information released in your team’s hands
  • Maximize EMR efficiency
  • Reduce ROI overhead costs
  • Ensure HIPAA and regulatory compliance
  • Improve staff productivity

Read about each ROI service model in more detail.

With any of ScanSTAT’s ROI Services, Your Requests are in More-Than-Capable Hands

ScanSTAT’s specialists are AHIOS CRIS certified and take part in ongoing training in industry knowledge and customer service to ensure your clinic and requesters experience the best possible service.

Resolve to Make a Switch in 2022

Whether your clinic’s medical records staff is handling record requests on their own, using an outside source or a combination of both, resolve to streamline ROI this year to eliminate the stress that comes with the workload on your team and recruiting and retaining qualified personnel.

Make this the year you use Release of Information services to:

  • Eliminate backlogs with a 24-hour turnaround time on compliant records requests
  • Relieve the burden of audits, including HEDIS
  • Deliver 99.99% accuracy
  • Offer transparency with our helpful online dashboard
  • Mitigate HIPAA liability and transfer compliance risk
  • Enable staff to dedicate more time to direct patient care

ScanSTAT makes the switch simple and makes ROI easier for everyone. It starts with a call. We’ll give you an overview of our Release of Information services and listen to your goals for ROI this coming year and beyond. From there, it’s a matter of choosing or customizing a model that fits your ROI volume, your medical records staff and budget.

Contact us to ring in a new approach for your ROI process and make it easier for everyone this year.

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