Filing incoming documents like faxes and scans is an everyday reality — but it’s sometimes tough to get to in a busy practice. Document filing backlogs can cause gaps in patient charts and scheduling delays. Making matters worse, as quality of care becomes tied with incentive payments, not having information in your charts can affect your patient rating and reimbursement.

Inbound Document Management from ScanSTAT is a unique document filing service that can ensure your staff has the clinical data they need at the point of care. Inbound document management can also free up your staff to focus on patients — not filing.

ScanSTAT Inbound Document Management

Healthcare organizations face escalating requirements to locate resources and solutions to complete rising daily workflows. Filing the never ending flow of incoming reports and documents can force administrators to find additional staff hours where there are none. How can administrators meet the expanding daily requirements with current resources?  Simple. Utilize ScanSTAT’s Inbound Document Management service.

Leverage ScanSTAT’s remote health information management team to file and index your incoming documents into your EHR. We even enter structured data to help attain the quality reporting metrics and complete chart information your providers rely on.


ConsistencyYour documents are filed and entered consistently into your EHR, ensuring your providers have the results and data they need.
Cost SavingsYou can reduce overtime pay, and save costs associated with hiring and training additional medical records staff to file incoming documents.
AccuracyOur workflows and internal audit procedures enable an unparalleled accuracy rate, providing accuracy and consistency.
StandardizationYour documents will be easily viewable in your patients charts, as they are entered into your patient charts the same way every time.
Liability TransferYou transfer the compliance burden to us as your trusted business associate and rely on our compliance team to handle HIPAA liability issues.

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ScanSTAT never calls in sick

A difficult aspect of daily operations in healthcare is the handling of ancillary support services and workflows. Hiring, training and managing medical records or office staff to handle these cumbersome tasks can pose a challenge for healthcare management. There are obvious issues like training, retention, costs and quality, as well as not-so-obvious problems involving compliance risks, knowledge gaps, and overhead costs.

By trusting a business associate like ScanSTAT, you’re getting a well-trained health information management team with built in staff redundancies, internal audit layers and compliance resources. That means we’ll never call in sick, show up late or need to be retrained.

Onboarding Is Easy

When you have ScanSTAT as your HIM solution, you can focus on the growth and management of your business and leave the medical record workflows to us. Whether you’re currently handling these workflows internally or through another vendor, we make it simple to make the switch. Request our Implementation Overview to see how you can be up and running in just weeks.

  • Connect us with your IT resource to create a HIPAA-secure virtual connection
  • Set-up ScanSTAT as a user in your EHR
  • Discuss your preferences
  • Task all your filing requests and status calls to ScanSTAT

Your medical records fulfillment can be “set it and forget it” with ScanSTAT. Our implementation process is well-defined and streamlined, and we can be live in just a few weeks. Imagine how you can transform your patient care and your own management focus when you don’t have to worry about health information management and all the efforts involved!

Next Steps

Make the Switch

Whether you’re handling filing and indexing of documents in-house or utilizing an outside resource, ScanSTAT makes it simple to switch. Start today with an overview of our Inbound Document Management service to find out how we can remove the burden of paperwork off your team.