Migrating to a new EHR is never easy. While you’re excited about the capabilities of the new system, you first have to go through an arduous process to make the switch. Throughout an EHR conversion, often the greatest challenge is minimizing the impact on both providers and patients. We can help!

Chart abstraction services from ScanSTAT can benefit your organization in a variety of ways during your migration. We help you…

  • Keep providers’ schedules on-track and avoid excessive wait times for patients
  • Ensure patient charts are up-to-date with information and reports at the time of care
  • Eliminate overtime costs for chart prep and data abstraction
  • Relieve staff and provider frustration

We tackle the fine points of data entry in the new EHR, so your staff can stay focused on their daily clinical tasks. Our services include upfront planning and process development and extend through structuring data and auditing of updated fields to ensure the data your organization needs is at your providers’ fingertips when they need it.

Your EHR conversion can get a whole lot easier with the help of the chart abstraction specialists at ScanSTAT. Talk with us about your EHR conversion project and chart abstraction needs today.

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With ScanSTAT, you can count on:

FlexibilityChoose the data your providers need to treat your patients and trust it’s ready for your patient visits.
Cost SavingsReceive suggestions on the value of the information versus the cost of entering it.
Quality AssuranceLeverage our proven workflows and internal audit procedures for an unparalleled accuracy rate.
PreparationEnsure charts from your active schedule are ready before the patient appointment.
Record TransferAccess historical documents necessary for patient treatment and compliance in your new EHR.
Liability TransferShift the compliance burden to us as your trusted business associate and rely on our compliance team to handle HIPAA liability issues.

ScanSTAT Never Calls in Sick

When preparing for go-live of your new EHR, incomplete data, missing documents and staff workloads and absences can all result in scheduling delays for your providers. Let ScanSTAT take on the burden of chart abstraction. We make sure our staff is always available to preload your patient charts for their appointment. Hiring, training and managing staff to complete chart prepping becomes a thing of the past for you.

By trusting a business associate like ScanSTAT, you’re getting a well-trained health information management team with built in staff redundancies, internal audit layers and compliance resources. That means we’ll never call in sick, show up late, or need to be retrained!

Onboarding Is Easy

Your chart abstraction project can be the difference between a rocky start and a smooth transition to your new EHR. Our implementation process only takes a few hours of your time for preparation, and we can be preloading your charts in just a few weeks. You’ll experience early provider adoption of your new EHR system just by letting us help you get prepared.

Request our Implementation Overview to see how you can be up and running in just weeks.

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