ScanSTAT makes it easier for hospitals, healthcare systems, and medical practices to manage health information. We provide everything from streamlined Release of Information to fax, filing, chart abstraction, prior authorization, EHR conversion, insurance verification services, and more.

You would think that all this would be straightforward to start with. But in a healthcare environment where everyone is overstretched and many departments are understaffed, filing quickly gets backlogged, documents get put in the wrong places, quality suffers, and a seemingly simple process can turn into endless complications.

Enter ScanSTAT. To make this easier, you want:


Because turnaround time is so critical to patient care and outcomes, ScanSTAT is committed to processing ROI requests within 24-48 hours of receipt and filing incoming faxes, scans, and direct messages within 8 hours of receipt.


Because quality assurance and compliance are paramount, ScanSTAT never cuts corners with patient confidentiality, information security, or the medical release process.


Because Release of Information can be such an opaque transaction, ScanSTAT is committed to giving clients and requesters much greater visibility into the process, thanks to our proprietary processing and reporting technology.


Only ScanSTAT takes this approach. That’s why major healthcare organizations and clinics all across the country rely on ScanSTAT to make this easier for everyone.

Learn how ScanSTAT can make Release of Information and HIM easier for your healthcare organization. Schedule a demo today.

“Working with ScanSTAT Technologies is great! We can depend on them to get things done and in a timely manner.”

– Stephanie B., Practice Administrator

"During our 10 years, we have had great service, support and continuing education. I am always so impressed by their communication — they keep us updated about the latest changes expected by the government and insurance industry."

– Debi M., HIM Manager