An Easier Way to Manage Your EHR Migration

Conversion projects are rare for any one practice. For us, it's just another day at the office.

Most practice management professionals will only have to endure an EHR conversion once or twice across their career. We handle conversions and chart abstraction every day. While automation can ease the transition, it's never as simple as just pushing a button. There are gaps in the data and manual entry required. When unstructured data is transferred or documents are orphaned, the result is incomplete charts.

How does ScanSTAT deliver value?

  • Complete extraction and conversion of chart documents and discrete data from your legacy system into your new EHR
  • Formulation of a strategy that best assists your physicians, ensuring your charts are ready during and after your EHR transition
  • We work from your active schedule, ensuring only the charts needed are worked.

Hiring part-time staff or temp workers to help with the legwork introduces a number of management challenges, not the least of which is HIPAA risk. That's why we offer EHR conversion professional services. Our team of trained and experienced data abstraction specialists can ensure your data moves from the old system to the new efficiently and accurately. You'll work with our team to define your desired processes and handling instructions, and our team will perform the work consistently and reliably according your established procedures.

A smooth transition to your new EHR is critical for efficient operations and provider adoption and often requires an element of manual labor even after an automated migration has taken place. Let ScanSTAT make the EHR conversion process easier. Talk with us today about your upcoming project. 


You can leverage ScanSTAT’s remote team of EHR Abstraction Specialists to enter structured data into your EHR and separate and file documents from transferred charts necessary to treat your patients.

Cost SavingsUpfront discovery enables you to weigh the value of information versus the cost of entering it to maximize your budget.

Quality AssuranceProven workflows and internal audit procedures enable an unparalleled accuracy rate.

PreparationChart prep completion from your active schedule ensures that your charts are ready prior to patient appointments.

Record TransferMove historical documents into your new EHR, separating out those necessary for patient treatment and compliance.

Liability TransferMove the compliance burden to us as your trusted business associate and rely on our compliance team to handle HIPAA liability issues.

View Updated Charts During and After Your EHR Migration

Transferring to a new EHR system can be overwhelming. After transitioning, key document types may be lost inside a bulk file. Additionally, both patient care and reporting can be impacted if migrated data sits unstructured in your charts.

That’s where ScanSTAT can help. Our experienced EHR conversion team can provide medical chart abstraction services to ensure your charts contain all the crucial information necessary to treat your patients. Talk with us today.


"During our 10 years, we have had great service, support and continuing education. I am always so impressed by their communication — they keep us updated about the latest changes expected by the government and insurance industry."

– Debi M., HIM Manager

"Through our partnership with ScanSTAT, our needs are handled consistently, professionally and correctly with little to no oversight required on our part. This is a luxury for me that few vendors provide."                   

– Stewart S., Practice Manager

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