Automate Prior Authorization with a Human Touch

We get it, prior authorizations (PAs) can be tough. They can take valuable time away from care, and when claims are denied it can create tension between you and your patients.

Our data indicates that 71% of prior authorizations are completed by clinical staff. In these cases, clinical expertise (and higher cost) is allocated to administrative work that is often frustrating and cumbersome. We know that completing PAs doesn’t fuel the passion that inspired you to work in healthcare. But at the end of the day, PAs must be obtained one way or another.

“My staff spends so much time with prior authorizations and insurance issues that we struggle to answer the phone when a patient calls.”

– Dr. Roscoe N.1

Prior Authorization from ScanSTAT

Our prior authorization replaces a time-consuming, manual process with a simple service that streamlines how providers secure authorizations for medical tests and procedures. We leverage people-powered technology to handle every step of the process, including follow-ups.


Prior Authorization Flow


By allowing ScanSTAT to handle your prior authorizations, your health practice can enjoy:


Relief from staff sitting on hold with payers and juggling their clinical and clerical duties
A seamless PA process that works with your EHR and payer portals
Standardized rules for clinical documentation support of PAs
Increased operational efficiencies and reduced costs per PA
Decreased claims denials
Greater capacity to put patients first—ahead of paperwork

Our prior authorization people-powered technology is designed for maximum efficiency and responsive to your organizations existing workflow, policies and technology. The best part? You maintain control of the process with our tiered solutions, which are tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs and workflows.

Next Steps

Onboarding is easy with ScanSTAT. Find out how our no delays, no shorts, and no surprises approach can make prior authorizations simple.