Get the Data You Need Without Burning Staff Time

Missing health maintenance information on flat files like TIFs and PDFs can cause reporting gaps and cause treatment questions.  Whether you need structured data for ease of access for providers or if you’re meeting a quality measure, get the discrete data you need entered in patient charts quickly and accurately.

ScanSTAT can provide rapid filing services and structured data entry in your EHR. Choose from a variety of filing and data entry services including…

Gaps in filing and unprepared charts can cause delays and backlogs – and take its toll on your staff. Find out how ScanSTAT can provide ongoing filing services or support for your next data abstraction project. Talk with us today.

Choose ScanSTAT for Faster Filing

With ScanSTAT’s Inbound Document Management services, you get crucial medical information into your patient charts according to your preferences and protocols, which offloads the burden of data entry from your clinical staff and care team.  Based on your needs and specifications, our remote team will abstract quality and result information from your incoming documents and enter that data into your EHR. The result is completed charts ready for patient appointments. We file and structure data from a variety of document types including…

  • Lab or diagnostic results
  • Annual health maintenance results and reminders
  • Medication changes
  • Discharge diagnosis and follow up orders
  • Referral status


QualityReview and retrieve up to date structured data and reports to improve clinical decision making and patient care.
AccessHave your charts preloaded at the time of a patient’s appointment giving physicians more time to spend with patients.
Cost ReductionEasily access information that can help eliminate unnecessary duplicate tests and other unnecessary services.
Provider SatisfactionIntegrate workflows that guarantee clinical data entry to help reduce physician time for chart review.
Rapid ResultsDon’t wait days for results. We retrieve and enter data into the record quickly and accurately.
StandardizationImprove consistency as we enter your quality metrics and patient health information into the designated fields for reporting and accuracy.
Liability TransferRelieve your organization of the compliance burden as we take over as your trusted business associate. Rely fully on our compliance team to transfer HIPAA liability.
Improved Patient SatisfactionUp to date chart information reduces time spent searching for EHR documents during patient visits.

Value-based payment and care delivery is here, and our Inbound Document Management services can help you exceed requirements to achieve maximum reimbursement and increase patient satisfaction.

Next Steps

Make the Switch

ScanSTAT makes it easy to switch to our Inbound Document Management solution. Start today with an overview of our inbound document management services to find out how we can work with your practice to create workflows to enter your key elements as structured data each time they’re received.