Outsource Your Complications.

ScanSTAT's leading technology and service helps providers uncomplicate the Release of Information and Document Filing processes.

Treat People like People.

ScanSTAT's solutions not only enable your internal teams to be more effective, they also lead to improved outcomes and patient experience.

Let’s Not Complicate This.

At ScanSTAT, our goal is to make your life easier through industry-leading quality assurance, innovation and transparency.

ScanSTAT Technologies is

Committed to Accurate and Secure Processing of Protected Health Information

100% Quality Assurance Review of Every Release | HIPAA Trained and Certified Staff | Best Turnaround Times | Dedicated On-Site Support


We treat your patients with respect, sensitivity and prompt service.
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When medical records are needed, emotions are often high. ScanSTAT quickly and accurately delivers the records your clients need.
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Health Plans

On-demand requesting capabilities, preferred delivery methods, turnaround times and pricing for Medicare risk adjustment, HEDIS and other requests.
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ScanSTAT quickly and accurately processes thousands of medical information requests to support Social Security Disability Insurance requests.
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Life Insurance

Improving claims management and underwriting decisions for life insurance companies.
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ScanSTAT strives to be the most patient-friendly release of information firm. You can trust us.
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Industry-Leading Medical Information Exchange Solutions

ScanSTAT delivers customized, industry-leading solutions to uncomplicate your ROI and Document Filing processes, supporting the entire spectrum of your patients’ health information needs.

Use our staff or your own to process requests for electronic and paper medical records using our “next generation” EMR-enabled technology. Increase your staff's efficiency by digitally capturing requested information, while ScanSTAT handles the rest.



Our HIM-experienced management and HIPAA-certified staff remove the ROI workload from you and your staff by managing the entire ROI process.



Remote ROI completely relieves your staff from the burden and distraction of handling ROI processing at your organization's on-site facilities.



U-Control empowers your staff to create a more efficient, cost-effective and secure ROI process through industry-leading technologies and training resources.

Let's Make ROI as Simple as It Sounds.

Let us show you how we provide user-friendly, accurate and secure Release of Information and Document Filing services you (and your patients) can trust.


ScanSTAT's Commitment to Patients

More than a medical document management and Release of Information company, ScanSTAT Technologies operates with a people-first mission.

Patients will have a positive experience when they request medical records.


All patient requests are handled by a dedicated, specialty team of ScanSTAT employees.


Potential delays for patients is minimized by calling patients when additional information is required rather than sending rejection letters.


ScanSTAT's transparent platform offers customers' industry-leading access, reporting and archiving.


ScanSTAT is committed to processing requests within 24 hours of receipt.


ScanSTAT offers a toll-free hotline for live support Monday through Saturday.


Patients' protected health information is secure under our 100% Quality Assurance Program.


We minimize any charges for medical record requests and never initiate collection efforts or require payments from patients.



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What Others Say About Us

“[ScanSTAT] takes quite a bit of work off of our practices, having to go into the system and figure out if the records have or haven’t been processed. I’m very pleased with the fact that with ScanSTAT, we have the right balance of people, processes, technology, to meet [our] needs.”

-HIM Director, Arkansas

“[The transition] was ridiculously easy. I did not expect that. Normally when you changed vendors for pretty much anything, it is just torture for a few months. They actually came in and within a couple of weeks things were rocking and rolling pretty smoothly.”

-HIM Director

“I picked ScanSTAT because of their platform, of where we enter the data, and how we’d have access to that, and they just had really good technology at that time.”

-HIM Director

"They’re just good at customer service.”

-HIM Director, Virginia

"With us being with them full service, they even have someone who works our front desk so they greet the general patient population. We have everything from a cancer treatment center to behavioral health center, and these folks handle everyone that comes in with respect and dignity and they approach every situation with customer service in mind."

-VP of Information Technology

"Because they’re hiring the right people and because of the technology they have, they’re able to easily manage the front-end process of release of information, meaning getting those requests out timely. ... They’re able to handle the invoicing and collecting of the billable requests to make sure that we’re meeting the state requirements on turnaround times."

-Clinic Owner

"ScanSTAT provides an array of resources including strategic planning, project implementation, problem resolution and the overall strive for an efficient and cost-effective practice for release of information. We have experienced a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction from patients, various insurance agencies, court reporters and attorneys who have had their medical record requests processed professionally and within a timely manner."

—HIM Director, Large Academic Health System, TX

"Moving to ScanSTAT was the smoothest transition ever!"

—HIM Director, Southeast TX

"I have dealt with ScanSTAT Technologies a lot. I thoroughly enjoy knowing that you and your colleagues are working with a company that is the BEST and the GREATEST at providing requested records in record time!

Thank you and thank ScanSTAT ahead of time for me!"

—Attorney, Florida


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