When it comes to Release of Information, data isn’t just important – it’s critical. That’s why it’s essential that healthcare organizations have access to all of the details for the requests they process.  

Whether your hospital or health system manages ROI internally or outsources to a trusted vendor, you need a simple, organized way to quickly navigate through your data to check the status of that one request, or create a report on financial details for your CFO, or review the compliance check for a request. For ScanSTAT’s client partners, we developed a no-cost tool that does all of the above and much more: STATus-View.  

What is STATus-View and What Does It Do?  

STATus-View is a HIPAA compliant, web-based application accessed via an internet connection and unique user credentials. STATus-View is a key component of each of our ROI service models and is included as a standard part of ScanSTAT’s Release of Information service at no additional cost. This online platform offers health information management users the ability to monitor their organization’s ROI performance, create reports, and view all Release of Information activities – right at their fingertips.  

Transparency is a core value here at ScanSTAT, and we believe it’s important for our clients to have unfiltered, unlimited access to exactly how we’re performing on their behalf. That’s why we created the STATus-View application. Not only is it the engine through which we run our Release of Information functions, but it also empowers our clients to verify compliance and confirm that we’re meeting our Minimum Acceptable Service Levels, such as turnaround time.  

In-Depth Reporting at Your Fingertips 

A crowd favorite feature of STATus-View is the in-depth reporting functionality the system offers. Clients select the level of access for each user to allow insight into as much or as limited information as is appropriate. Depending on their level of access, the user can look up a specific request by patient or requestor, view the status of a specific request, and see exactly what was sent to the requestor.  

In addition, users are empowered to run custom compliance reports to ensure we’re meeting federal and state guidelines for turnaround time, view correspondence with requestors, view volumes, view a summary of all activity details by location or staff member, see turnaround time by facility, and much more. STATus-View also makes it easy to generate an accounting of disclosures in compliance with HIPAA.  

Beyond building trust and providing transparency to ScanSTAT’s client partners, the information available in STATus-View can be leveraged for specific organizational needs. For example, one of our clients was interested in improving patient retention. They used STATus-View to help them determine whether patients were leaving their organization for a competitor. Because STATus-View requires ROI Specialists to enter a code describing why the records are being requested, they were able to check all requests with a transfer code as an indicator of patient attrition and a possible indicator of patient satisfaction. This custom report helped the organization gauge the effectiveness of their patient satisfaction and retention efforts over time.  

The information available in STATus-View can be leveraged to support so many different needs. In some cases, ScanSTAT’s client partners have leveraged STATus-View as their tool to provide records from their HIM department to their revenue cycle and risk management teams. Our team has worked on projects to transition records for a departing physician out of their previous system and into the physician’s new practice. Thanks to the bounty of information in STATus-View, users can get creative with many kinds of reporting.  

Painless and Easy Implementation 

STATus-View is set up as part of ScanSTAT’s standard onboarding and implementation process for new Release of Information clients.  

A designated Implementation Specialist will work with you to set up each user and their level of access. For example, Employee A may only need visibility into the ROI activity for clinic #4, and their account can be set up to provide that specific access. This role-base access can be expanded or narrowed as needed. Whether your executive team, HIM department, or individual contributor employees need a login for STATus-View, ScanSTAT’s got you covered with secure and compliant access. As team members change over time, users can easily be added or removed from the system.  

Your Implementation Specialist will provide initial training on STATus-View and review the application’s capabilities. All of ScanSTAT’s Client Service Managers can provide any additional training needed over time as you continue to explore and work in the system. In addition, ScanSTAT offers a library of resources, including videos and documentation.  

STATus-View has a downtime of less than 1% for planned maintenance and upgrades to ensure top performance. All information in STATus-View is available in real-time – there is no upload or “data dump” period in the system – so you can feel confident you’re viewing the most up-to-date information possible.  

Try It Out For Yourself 

We’re proud to offer STATus-View in support of transparency and making this easier for all of our Release of Information client partners.  

If you’re curious about STATus-View and want to learn more, contact our team for a demo 

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