In a Medscape survey, 56% of respondents reported bureaucratic tasks like charting and paperwork are contributing to burnout.1

This survey was published in 2018. With even more strain on the healthcare workforce today, burnout remains evident in understaffed, overworked providers, nurses and support staff resigning their positions and organizations struggling to hire and retain. While some factors leading to burnout are out of healthcare administrators’ control, some are not; one being the Release of Information (ROI) process.

The less stress on your staff, the more satisfied with their jobs they are and the less likely to leave, or worse, make an error affecting patient care. Stress caused by excessive workloads creates a chaotic environment that can lead to documentation errors or misinformation. With your staff’s attention being pulled in multiple directions, the snowball effect leads to frustrated employees and limited resources. In other words: staff burnout.

Reversing the Burnout Trend

Beyond the toll stress-related burnout takes on healthcare staff, it can lead to clinical or administrative errors, diminished quality of patient care and impacting your bottom line. Reversing the burnout trend and its subsequent side effects takes a holistic approach with solutions that address a multitude of challenges. However, tackling one major cause of burnout, bureaucratic tasks like charting and paperwork, can be a matter of outsourcing ROI processes, completely or partially.

Outsourcing ROI addresses the excessive workload on your staff associated with records requests, especially, in cases when your in-house team is behind on requests for records or document filing. Backlogs happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from a sizable payer review rolling in to short-staffed departments and even unexpected pandemics. Outsourcing ROI not only gets your organization caught up, but more importantly, it:

  • Allows your staff to focus on patient care
  • Keeps your medical records department current on requests
  • Transfers responsibility for HIPPA compliance to the outsourced ROI service provider
  • Can save your resources and money


Choosing the Right Outsourced ROI Service Provider

As you weigh your options, consider how ScanSTAT Technologies can help minimize the stress on your staff and the resulting burnout. Our team of ROI experts can handle your records requests, from third-party authorizations and subpoenas to patient right to access, insurance reviews and status calls, plus minimize HIPAA compliance liability for release of information. Three levels of ROI service ensure you have an option that works for your system or clinic.


As your healthcare organization changes, count on ScanSTAT to provide services to match. In addition to our medical records services, ScanSTAT has professional services to meet the needs of your company’s processes, internal systems, and business growth goals, whether it’s inbound document management, EHR conversion, or an entire suite of additional HIM services.

Taking the first step, any first step, toward changing those sources of burnout can create momentum in the right direction. Outsource the number one stressor for healthcare providers and workers. Let’s discuss how we can make ROI easier for your organization.

Reach out to us today to get started.


1 3Peckham, C., 2018. Medscape National Physician Burnout & Depression Report. https://www.medscape.com/slideshow/2018-lifestyle-burnout-depression-6009235#3 (accessed July 25, 2018).

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