“I’ve got a health system to run. I don’t have time to review our ROI processes and performance.”

In an environment of life and death, where staff and resources can feel strained, and compliance, patient experience and financial management require constant attention, release of information processes can seem of secondary importance.


The moment of realization occurs that outsourcing ROI services can have a measurable positive impact on health system executives’ most complicated and pressing issues. While ROI is an administrative function, the speed, accuracy and efficiency at which it’s performed affects a healthcare system’s top priorities. Oftentimes, ROI is a contributing factor when executives dig deeper for the reasons why key performance indicators are not being met.

Delays and lack of standardization and consistency across system locations create problems

Plain and simple, humans are individuals. Even though multiple facilities operate under one system, that doesn’t change the fact that individuals are making decisions on procedure standards at a local level, leading to a lack of standardization and consistency. Also, the sheer volume of record requests overwhelms already lean and hard to staff medical record departments, leading to backlogs and negatively impacting patient experience and care.

Other complications with ROI involve requesters who expect records immediately, mislabeled or misfiled records, and patients with multiple encounters at multiple facilities, to name a few.

Fast turnaround time is paramount and can be improved by implementing system-wide standardization. Achieving such is possible through a partnership with a vendor like ScanSTAT that has a proven record for never cutting corners with patient confidentiality, information security, or the medical release process.


  • ScanSTAT’s workflows and internal audit procedures result in superior accuracy rates.
  • Shift the compliance burden to us as your trusted business associate and rest assured our team will minimize the threat of HIPAA liability.

Medical record teams are overburdened

Recruiting, hiring, training and retaining personnel is difficult to say the least. Understaffed medical record departments and turnover make it nearly impossible for health systems to achieve an ROI process that runs like a well-oiled machine.

By outsourcing release of information, health system executives lift the burden from their internal staff, allowing them to focus on patient care. Or, the ROI service provider can help structure administrative staff more efficiently, saving money or reallocating them to other urgent roles.


  • ScanSTAT is committed to processing ROI requests within 24-48 hours of receipt, eliminating backlogs, noncompliance issues, and frustrated requesters.
  • Gain cost efficiencies by outsourcing. Our clients save an average of 50% by using our release of information service.

Release of information should be a custom fit solution

ROI doesn’t have to be just a necessary expense. With three flexible ROI service models, ScanSTAT caters to your exact needs. Want to offload the ROI burden completely to a trusted partner? Consider ScanSTAT’s Complete ROI service model. Looking to maintain control over what’s released, but reduce overhead costs? Learn more about ScanSTAT’s U-Control service model. In some cases, this model can offer revenue sharing.

Whatever level of service fits your needs, rest assured that all ROI requests – billable and non-billable – will be handled professionally by your capable ScanSTAT team. That’s how we make this easier for everyone.


  • ScanSTAT offers three service models to meet your organization’s ROI needs.
  • No matter the model, ScanSTAT handles all billable AND non-billable requests and can provide support for audits.

ScanSTAT Makes ROI Easier for Everyone

ScanSTAT makes it easier for hospitals, health systems, and medical practices to manage health information. Whether you are considering making a complete transition or supplementing your in-house Release of Information and Health Information Management operations, we can help. We place as much importance on privacy, security, and customer service as you do.

Contact us at scanstat.com/demo to learn how you can leverage ScanSTAT experts to support your ROI and HIM needs.

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