There are two main options for sending and receiving secure email in healthcare: Zix and Barracuda. At ScanSTAT, we use ZixMail to encrypt electronic communications containing PHI or other sensitive information. To be a great partner and ensure our emails are delivered to you with the necessary security, we have created this helpful FAQ guide to using Zix.

What is Zix and ZixMail?

Zix is a provider of email encryption services. ZixMail is the solution we use for sending secure emails and ensuring data protection on messages that may contain PHI or other sensitive information that needs to be protected per HIPAA guidelines.

Can I safely open a Zix email message?

Yes. When working with ScanSTAT you may receive a notification in your regular email client indicating you have received a secure email message. This message will ask you to click on a button to open the secure message. This is a safe email and there is no risk of exposing your information by clicking on “Open Message.” You should always follow security awareness best practices to ensure that the message is not a phishing attempt first.

What should I expect when receiving a Zix email for the first time if my practice doesn’t utilize Zix internally?

If your practice does not currently utilize Zix and you’ve never received an email from ScanSTAT utilizing Zix at your email address before, you will be redirected to a registration page, similar to the one shown below.

Follow the provided instructions to register, paying attention to the password rules and click ”Register”.

Once you’ve created your account you will be taken to your new Zix encrypted inbox where you can check your secure email messages. It’s important to know that your Zix email will expire two weeks from the date it was received. So, with all Zix emails, timeliness is of the essence.

How do I access my messages if I have already registered?

To access your Zix email after you have already registered, or when you receive additional encrypted emails, you will be directed to this page to login.

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