At ScanSTAT Technologies, we’re always growing and learning, and in that spirit, we’ve renamed our Clinical Services department “HIM Services.”

  1. “Clinical Services” was the name originally given to our wide range of remote back office filing, forms, document management and revenue cycle management services. It was meant as a way to indicate that we support YOUR clinical efforts with helpful and timely file indexing, routing and data entry, among other duties we can perform. However, when it comes to providing anything “clinical,” you’re the experts! So as not to confuse anyone, we felt a name change only made sense.
  2. HIM Services is the new name – and is a much more fitting descriptor of what we do every day for our clients. Our health information management team works remotely but operates as seamless members of your staff to complete your HIM functions.
  3. More and more, healthcare practices and organizations are looking to streamline their operations and leverage niche back office services to gain efficiency, maintain or improve accuracy and manage budget. Health information management is a key area of opportunity to outsource, especially as providers look to optimize their staffing budgets with more clinical professionals and customer-facing staff.

If you haven’t checked out our new Health Information Management services, you’re missing out! Talk with your Client Experience Manager to learn more about what our HIM Services team can do to make your life easier today.

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