“The Times They Are-A Changin’……” Can’t you just hear Bob Dylan singing right now? ….We’re sorry for that!

As evidence of the rapidly evolving healthcare space, ScanSTAT Technologies partner Allscripts just announced eChart Courier hit a major milestone with the exchange of 10 million medical records since inception in 2015.  This news spells more opportunity for practices to streamline back office health information management (HIM) functions.

Allscripts eChart Courier service helps physician practices automate the appropriate sharing of medical records with affiliated health plans. It encrypts and electronically delivers the medical record to the payer, streamlining the reimbursement timeline by sending the required information quickly. The service is available to health care providers at no charge. As a complement to Allscripts eChart Courier, ScanSTAT offers a niche solution for release of information for medical records services.

Hitting the milestone of exchanging 10 million records electronically is a significant accomplishment for eChart Courier and offers a substantial integrity and labor savings for providers. And it’s just scratching the surface of opportunity for practices that want to gain efficiency and eliminate HIPAA liability.

“There are 100+ million records being requested of providers annually, and 90% of them are still being exchanged via traditional paper or analog faxing methods,” said Janine Akers, CEO of ScanSTAT Technologies. “These legacy methods do not offer discreet or structured data to be exchanged effectively and can cause unnecessary issues and inefficiencies.  Allscripts is paving a path of interoperability that benefits patients, providers and payors alike.”

Providers face a number of challenges in today’s healthcare landscape. From ballooning regulations and overhead costs to labor and staffing, running an efficient medical practice can be difficult. ScanSTAT and Allscripts eChart Courier services combine to make it possible for organizations to save money, reduce HIPAA risk and maintain an efficient practice that is able to offer exemplary patient care.

At ScanSTAT, we commend Allscripts for their commitment to offering ways for providers to lower the costs and liability associated with running a practice. As the demand for technology and advanced solutions continues to grow in healthcare, ScanSTAT is proud to partner with EHR companies such as Allscripts that address client needs through turnkey options and allow for a renewed focus on patient care.

To learn more about how ScanSTAT compliments Allscripts and eChart Courier, join us for an upcoming webinar or contact us today.

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