When we talk to customers, a common grievance we hear is, “We’re being bombarded by third party retrieval companies wanting to know the status on their records requests. They call multiple times a day, and it’s so frustrating!” So when we say there’s a way to eliminate those calls and put those companies on a “Do Not Call” list we often hear, “You’re kidding me, you can do that?!?”

Stop the pesky calls, and your frustration. ScanSTAT can help you eliminate these types of calls and put companies like EMSI, MediConnect, PDC Retrievals and ExamOne on a Do Not Call list – freeing up your phone lines for more important people…like your patients!

Here are three proactive steps you can take to eliminate excessive calls from third party retrieval companies at your office:

1.    Let ScanSTAT Know
The first and most important thing to do when you get excessive calls from a third party retrieval company is to inform ScanSTAT of the situation so your staff doesn’t have to deal with it. We are in a position to contact that company on your behalf and inform the requestor not to call you for status updates (in essence fighting the fight for you), so you can focus on more important things in your day.

2.    Politely Inform the Caller & Hang Up
The second thing to do after you’ve notified us, is to politely let the person calling from the third party retrieval company know that you work with ScanSTAT and inform them that they are on a “Do Not Call” list. Then you can politely hang up and let out a sigh of relief…the hard part is over, and they should not be calling to bug you anymore.

3.    Educate Your Staff
Of course, the first two steps are no good if your staff isn’t aware of this process. Be sure to notify all new staff members to contact ScanSTAT first in the above situations, and remind them that they don’t have to take these kinds of calls. Also, emphasize that if they receive a voicemail message from companies like EMSI, they don’t have to return the phone call.

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