Is your EMR software, hardware systems, workflow process for ROI and staff capabilities ready to comply with one of the new Stimulus Package stipulations?

The new ARRA, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, mandated changes to HIPAA  that include the distribution of medical records that are stored and defined within an electronic health record.  The HITECH section outlines that a covered entity will have to comply with a request for medical records that wishes to receive the designated medical record set in a digital format versus a paper copy.  This can include the creation of a CD/flash drive digital copy or securly posting the record set for easy and secure retrieval.

Does your EMR software have the ability to easily compile a complete record set for distribution in an easy to read PDF format?  Is a “click of a button” feature available that your medical record clerk can accomplish once a HIPPA compliant release of information is received?  Or will there be  labored consolidation of records process requiring advanced knowledge of Adobe Acrobat or other consumer friendly product?

The good news….your storage locker full of medical record paper charts will not be subject to this new mandate.  If the record is not stored in an electronic format, it will not have to be produced in an electronic format.  You can copy the paper chart on a standard paper copy machine…but why would you?   Any efficiency expert will agree, if you touch it once, do everything in your power to ensure you do not have to touch it again.  And for medical records specifically….if there is a request for the medical record once, it’s highly likly there’s another request coming!

Outsourcing your Release of Information process with ScanSTAT Technologies will eliminate any of the above concerns you have with your current process.  Our sophisticated eROI process can seemlessly integrate with any EMR software and the secure distribution of medical records becomes our burden to bare, freeing you to focus on more important tasks needed for a successful medical practice!

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