Health Information Professionals Week takes place April 18 – 24. With all of the major changes rocking the healthcare industry over the past year, now more than ever it’s clear that health information is critical to supporting excellence in patient care. Read below for more thoughts from ScanSTAT’s team of health information professionals:  


Being a Health Information Professional is a very fulfilling but somewhat stressful role. The information exchange that we are responsible for in release of information is critical to the proper care of the patient whose information we are exchanging. So, the timeliness and accuracy of our work is really important. There is always a lot of volume for us to process and that makes every day exciting!”
Matthew Rohs, President and CEO

“I think HIP week is the perfect time for health information professionals to reflect on the events from the last year and use it to grow individually and as a profession. When the country ‘stopped’ just over a year ago, systemic inequalities were exacerbated. Collectively, we had to find ways to ensure patients could access their information despite geographic and technology barriers. Going forward, we need to continue to find new and creative ways to ensure equitable patient access.”
– Elizabeth McElhiney, Privacy and Security Officer 

Being a Health Information Professional is something I’m proud to be. In our industry we work in many areas across healthcare, and we are vital to the puzzle. It’s awesome to see the support I can offer to someone, ranging from an attorney who needs records for a court case or a patient who is trying to file for disability and needs records. In any scenario, health information is a valued part of healthcare.”
Lindsey Miles, HIPAA Privacy Analyst 

“In my role as a health information professional, I strive to determine the needs of health organizations to assist them in making sure the right information is in the right hands so that timely and informed patient care decisions can be made. This aids in assuring quality patient outcomes. Ultimately, making patient information easily accessible, without hassles, for both the provider and the patient, is a key component in providing premier healthcare.
– Cinda Dowell, Business Solutions Executive 

“Having worked in medical clinics with patients and providers, I know firsthand how important ScanSTAT’s health information management services can be. Our teamwork with medical professionals across the country makes their jobs easier and helps them take care of what matters most: their patients and their well-being. I am proud I can contribute to that cause daily!” 
– Shawn Guhde, Implementation Lead 


For more information on Health Information Professionals Week, visit https://hipweek.org/. 


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