Inbound Document Management for COVID-19 Vaccination Paperwork

Between registrations, results, and vaccine paperwork, COVID-19 vaccinations can result in thousands of transactions per day that need to be entered into the EHR – on top of paperwork that must be filed for routine visits and care.

Clinical staff’s time is split between administering vaccines and managing paperwork. Hospitals and clinics will be challenged to make the most of all available resources in order to efficiently administer the COVID-19 vaccine. Adding to this challenge, staff must not only administer vaccinations but take care of the physical paperwork that results and input data into the EHR in a timely manner.

Let’s Make This Easier

Let ScanSTAT take on the time-consuming tasks of patient registrations and filing results in your system so your staff can stay focused on providing direct care. In real-time, our remote team of experts can upload to the EHR according to your organization’s specific needs, without taking up additional office space or impacting on-site care efforts.

As the vaccine distribution increases over time, we can scale our service to support any influx of patients that results from reopening more practice areas, without compromising efficiency. From patient registrations to indexing and scanning documents, we’ve got you covered.

How It Works

Simply fax or securely scan the records to your partners at ScanSTAT and we’ll do the rest, swiftly and accurately indexing and routing records into your EHR in real-time. Whether you’re an existing client or new to ScanSTAT and looking to enhance support for your medical records department, we’ll build a plan specific to your office and your state’s regulations.

About ScanSTAT Technologies

ScanSTAT makes it easier for hospitals, healthcare systems, and medical practices to manage health information. Whether you are considering making a complete transition or supplementing your in-house Release of Information and Health Information Management operations, we can help. We place as much importance on privacy, security, and customer service as you do. We can assume the HIPAA liability involved in transferring information and removing the burden of reporting from your staff or supporting it as needed.

Contact us at scanstat.com/demo to learn how you can leverage ScanSTAT experts to support your ROI and HIM needs. 

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