If your practice, like most of our clients’, has already switched to an EMR system, you probably know about the benefits of having an electronic system – records are more readily available, you can save time spent filing data by outsourcing, etc. But there are also a lot of risks associated with an electronic records system – more possibilities for data breaches, HIPAA violations and hefty fines.

If you haven’t completed Measure 15 for Meaningful Use, now’s the perfect time to confidently check that off your to-do list while ensuring you are operating a secure practice when it comes to your patients’ confidential information. Data suggests many practices haven’t run a risk assessment on their system in years, which could mean gaping holes that go unidentified.

A comprehensive security risk analysis has a thorough system of checks and balances that test and measure every possible security breach in your system, assessing your practice and identifying  possible issues. Once you recognize where your problems are, you can focus on ways to fix them.

Meaningful Use designates what a HIPAA-compliant, robust security risk analysis looks like, plus what it’s NOT:

•    A network vulnerability scan
•    A penetration test
•    A social engineering test
•    A configuration audit
•    A network diagram review
•    A questionnaire
•    Information system activity review

Though all of these things can be used in conjunction with other measures to add to a risk analysis, none on their own make the cut. Thinking about your security risk analysis now will save you a headache come Meaningful Use deadlines, when every practice that fell a little behind is scrambling to get everything done. And even if you’ve already attested for Stage 1 of Meaningful Use and think you’re in the clear, don’t forget that your yearly required security risk analysis is already right around the corner.

The security risk analysis offered through ScanSTAT Technologies is specifically designed to be secure, accurate and comprehensive under these regulations. Additionally, getting your security risk analysis through ScanSTAT is cost-effective, saving you the time of trying to figure it out on your own. Remember, investing in a quality security risk analysis costs far less than the fine you would face for not having one. SRAs are cost-effective, starting at $2,200 for practices seeking reassurance that Measure 15 is achieved and documented.


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