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More than just a Release of Information company, we serve people first.


Industry-Leading Technology

ScanSTAT provides efficient, accurate and confidential medical document management.

ScanSTAT’s Release of Information solutions give YOU the flexibility to use our professionals or your experienced personnel to process requests using our next generation EMR-enabled technology. ScanSTAT's HIM-experienced management and HIPAA-certified professionals eliminate the Release of Information burden from your staff as we manage the entire process. With our U Control model, our system increases the efficiency for your staff to process ROI requests and creates a revenue stream for your facility.

Using an industry-leading technology platform and HIM best practices, ScanSTAT improves turnaround times, streamlines workflows and ensures HIPAA / HITECH compliance.

People First. Period.

Partner with the only ROI company where patient satisfaction is a key indicator of our success.

ScanSTAT supports providers in providing successful treatment, minimizing disruptions in care and earning high patient satisfaction scores.

We also serve patients, law firms, health plans, life insurance companies and other medical document requesters with an unparalleled level of service and complete confidentiality.


About Our People

Members of the management team possess over 100 years of combined healthcare information management and technology experience.

Our transparency and empowering leadership styles have driven our passionate culture and performance-based environment. Given we are an employee-owned organization, we strive for long-term relationships where we can be a true solutions partner. Additionally, our Customer Advisory Board provides us with guidance and expertise, allowing us to be both high-tech and high-touch in our customer experience.


We support our employees, our health care partners and their patients with compassionate, trusted and innovative Release of Information services—one patient and one medical record at a time.


To be recognized by our employees, partners and clients as the most reliable and versatile health information management business in America.



We design adaptable, flexible and responsive ROI services that effectively meet the needs of our clients and the patients they serve.


We hold ourselves accountable to rigorous quality assurance practices by training our employees to protect the confidentiality of patient health information.



We solidify trust with our employees, partners, clients and one another by placing the needs of others before our own.



We’re relentless in pursuing market-leading and intuitive ROI solutions, because we understand that technology is only as beneficial as its practical application.

Nationwide Office Locations

A true solutions partner—We strive for long-term relationships.

Our culture of excellence assures you receive total support with every step. We take pride in striving for a 100 percent satisfaction rating from our employees, our clients and their patients.

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