One of the most common complaints of medical practices is they receive calls all throughout the day from medical record requestors asking for status updates; when will they receive the records?  We understand that these calls are frustrating because they take your time away from other important tasks and, most importantly, patient care.

Why Am I getting these Calls?

Some third-party requestors employ a whole team of people just to dial the phone and ask for status updates.  They think the more of a nuisance they can be to you, the more quickly you will fulfill their medical records request. Some requestors will even call daily.  That’s a lot of calls tying up your phone line when real patients are trying to get through! Ultimately requestors want records as quickly as they can get them, and they will use whatever means possible to encourage you to deliver those records quickly.

How can I reduce the number of calls coming in?

The volume of incoming calls from requestors can be no joke! As an experienced health information management vendor, we have two suggestions for you.  First, if you have a contract with any of the requestors, specify in the agreement how they may ask for status updates.  Perhaps they leave a voicemail on a specific line and their call is returned when convenient, or they email a specific inbox in an effort to free up your phone line.  While old habits die hard, this process could help you alleviate some of the calls your staff fields.  Additionally, consider removing the burden altogether – work with a third-party partner to handle your release of information.  If you’ve already outsourced, great! If you’re still getting these status calls, talk to your vendor.  Can they handle the calls for you? ScanSTAT as a health information management partner not only fulfills requests within 24 hours, but we also take on any and all status requests for our clients.  If we (or your partner) are handling the release of information, shouldn’t we also be able to handle the check-in to see where the request is?

Release Requestor Phone Calls

If requestor phone calls are becoming a burden on your staff’s time and taking away from patient care, reach out to us! We’re here to help.  As an industry leading health information management vendor, we will not only take on your ROI processing, but we’ll also relieve you of those pesky requestor status check calls.  Want to learn more? Reach out to us to schedule a time to talk.