Connecting you to useful health information resources to help streamline your medical document management and exchange processes.

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HIPAA Authorizations: A Better Path to Patient Privacy

Understanding the ROI Process

The Case of the Shady Gang: Misuse of Patient Directed Requests

Investments in Patient Privacy for the Secure Release of Records

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ScanSTAT has a long and successful history of delivering industry-leading Release of Information and Document Filing services.  Here we share our insights and advice on these topics.

Court Ruling Creates a Win-Win for Patients and Healthcare Organizations

Court Ruling Creates a Win-Win for Patients and Healthcare Organizations

April 13, 2020

In 2003, a federal law called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed, creating national standards for protecting sensitive patient health information.  Among other things, HIPAA set…

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New: ScanSTAT and DataFile Merger Announcement

ScanSTAT and DataFile Merge to Expand Health Information Services

April 6, 2020

Merger creates the largest founder-owned Release of Information company in the nation, expands services for Healthcare. (Alpharetta, GA) – ScanSTAT Technologies and DataFile Technologies, leading providers of Health Information Management…

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Let’s Not Complicate ROI.

February 6, 2020

It should never have been this hard in the first place. Someone requests a medical record, and then they receive it. What’s so complicated about that? Apparently, everything. First of…

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Connecting you to useful health information resources to help streamline your medical document management and exchange processes.

Misuse of Patient Directed Requests for Copies of Medical Records


How to Request Your Medical Records

Journal of AHIMA

Top 10 List of Release-of-Information Best Practices


What Others Say About Us

“[ScanSTAT] takes quite a bit of work off of our practices, having to go into the system and figure out if the records have or haven’t been processed. I’m very pleased with the fact that with ScanSTAT, we have the right balance of people, processes, technology, to meet [our] needs.”

-HIM Director, Arkansas

“[The transition] was ridiculously easy. I did not expect that. Normally when you changed vendors for pretty much anything, it is just torture for a few months. They actually came in and within a couple of weeks things were rocking and rolling pretty smoothly.”

-HIM Director

“I picked ScanSTAT because of their platform, of where we enter the data, and how we’d have access to that, and they just had really good technology at that time.”

-HIM Director

"They’re just good at customer service.”

-HIM Director, Virginia

"With us being with them full service, they even have someone who works our front desk so they greet the general patient population. We have everything from a cancer treatment center to behavioral health center, and these folks handle everyone that comes in with respect and dignity and they approach every situation with customer service in mind."

-VP of Information Technology

"Because they’re hiring the right people and because of the technology they have, they’re able to easily manage the front-end process of release of information, meaning getting those requests out timely. ... They’re able to handle the invoicing and collecting of the billable requests to make sure that we’re meeting the state requirements on turnaround times."

-Clinic Owner

"ScanSTAT provides an array of resources including strategic planning, project implementation, problem resolution and the overall strive for an efficient and cost-effective practice for release of information. We have experienced a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction from patients, various insurance agencies, court reporters and attorneys who have had their medical record requests processed professionally and within a timely manner."

—HIM Director, Large Academic Health System, TX

"Moving to ScanSTAT was the smoothest transition ever!"

—HIM Director, Southeast TX

"I have dealt with ScanSTAT Technologies a lot. I thoroughly enjoy knowing that you and your colleagues are working with a company that is the BEST and the GREATEST at providing requested records in record time!

Thank you and thank ScanSTAT ahead of time for me!"

—Attorney, Florida


Find out how our turn-around-time, implementation and technology take the headache out of medical record release and filing processes.

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