As a practice owner or administrator, you don’t need reminding that operating a HIPAA-compliant practice is crucial—and becoming more difficult as the rules and penalties become tighter and more progressive.  With “mile markers” from the HITECH act becoming enforceable, this article was written to educate readers by outlining details of exactly how to determine if breach notification is necessary and examining a major change to the Covered Entity (CE) and Business Associate (BA) relationship. The content also provides tried and true best practices and ways to mitigate the risk and liability introduced by the new regulations.  Much like using an accountant for your income tax filing, using a reputable BA for outsourced services may provide protection, peace of mind and potential savings.

To read the full article, click here. If you would like to receive a PDF copy of the full article, you can request one by emailing Janine Akers at janine.akers@datafiletechnologies.com.

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