To offer exemplary patient care and maintain efficient practices – and to align with HHS meaningful use directives – healthcare providers are turning to technology solutions such as EMR/EHR platforms to enable success. With instant access to complete electronic records and the ability to prescribe, refer, chart, bill and more, practices are leveraging EMR technology to offer comprehensive patient care while maximizing operational efficiency and profitability.

Making the transition to EMR has many phases including the conversion of paper files into electronically formatted records which are then imported into the EMR software platform. Scanning for EMR conversion is typically a major undertaking and can be riddled with complications and unforeseen challenges for medical practices that choose to self-manage the full scanning process.
If your practice is thinking of going paperless but not sure of the process, the Tallgrass case study will help illuminate the many considerations of a large scale scanning project such as a conversion from paper records to electronic.  Follow the story of a seven provider orthopedic practice as they made the switch to a paperless office through their EMR conversion with the help of ScanSTAT. Here are a few highlights from the case study:

Tallgrass Orthopedic & Sports Medicine, the longest running orthopedic practice in Topeka, Kansas, made the decision to convert their practice to EMR and went completely paperless to streamline their operations, improve efficiency and ensure that their primary focus remained on patient care. They had the benefit of having a Practice Administrator who had personally experienced an EMR conversion along with the challenges and inefficiencies of a self-managed scanning project with his former practice. With the benefit of his lessons learned and a clear set of goals and requirements, Tallgrass set out to select a scanning vendor that could conform to their practice management style and deliver reliable, affordable scanning services.

Ultimately for their EMR conversion, Tallgrass decided to scan full records off-site with the qualified and dedicated team of experts at ScanSTAT Technologies. ScanSTAT’s consultative approach coupled with their holistic view of the scanning project resulted in a tailored, cost-effective scanning solution and a positive overall experience for Tallgrass.

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