Hospitals, clinics and health systems across the country depend on ScanSTAT Technologies to quickly and securely process medical records. Using our experts or their own, requests for electronic and paper medical records are processed using our EMR-enabled technology, digitally capturing and releasing requested information.

These organizations were once seeking a solution to streamline their medical record release process and in the market for the right release of information partner. It’s a common situation considering today’s healthcare organizations face greater demands than ever from patients and payers needing medical records. How do they deliver HIPAA compliant, accurate and timely distribution of medical records without burdening their staff or upending their budget? They chose the best fit option of one of three ScanSTAT ROI service models for their organization.

When it comes to selecting your release of information vendor, there are several factors to consider, including cost, staffing capabilities, customer service, quality assurance, compliance and security. The ROI service model you choose must be flexible to meet your organization’s internal needs, yet unwavering in its adherence to quality and industry laws and regulations.

ScanSTAT designed three ROI service models that can be customized even further to improve any organization’s internal processes, fill in staffing gaps and increase the accuracy and speed at which requests for medical records are processed.

ROI Service Models Comparison Chart

The Advantages of Using a Vendor for ROI Services

Especially in an era of healthcare staff burnout, the number of steps and level of detail required to handle release of information requests are proving too much for many organizations’ internal teams. Your capacity to manage ROI decreases when a staff member calls in sick, a sudden influx of requests are received and/or staff who normally handle these requests are pulled in other directions.

With ScanSTAT managing your ROI operations or supporting your existing staff, you gain the advantages of our highly trained health information management team with built-in personnel redundancies, our audit layers, and compliance resources. In other words, no sick days, no scrambling for shift coverage and no additional hiring or training.

Questions to Ask a Release of Information Vendor

  1. How quickly do you process records?
    ScanSTAT processes records within 24-48 hours, providing secure and reliable service during the transfer and release of medical records.
  2. What level of savings should I expect by outsourcing ROI?
    ScanSTAT clients save an average of 50% by using our release of information service.
  3. Where do HIPAA liability issues fall?
    ScanSTAT’s compliance team handles all HIPAA liability issues, removing the burden from our clients.
  4. What about the customer service component?
    ScanSTAT’s team understands our behavior reflects on your organization. Your patients, peers and requestors will be treated with the utmost professionalism. Additionally, we provide a day-to-day manager along with a customer experience manager to support high-level organization needs. As your partner, we pride ourselves on bringing a proactive approach to solving for your organization’s unique needs.
  5. What is the onboarding process like?
    Your dedicated ScanSTAT transition team will design an onboarding plan specific to the needs of your organization and conduct weekly status calls throughout the process to ensure a seamless transition. We are fully operational from the first day of go-live.

ScanSTAT Makes ROI Easier for Everyone

ScanSTAT makes it easier for hospitals, health care systems, and medical practices to manage health information. Whether you are considering making a complete transition or supplementing your in-house release of information and health information management operations, we can help. We place as much importance on privacy, security, and customer service as you do. We can assume the HIPAA liability involved in transferring information and removing the burden of reporting from your staff or supporting it as needed.

Contact us at scanstat.com/demo to learn how you can leverage ScanSTAT experts to support your ROI and HIM needs.

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