Supporting HIM at Carevide


Texas-based community health center Carevide has been supporting patients for more than 40 years. Carevide’s Compliance Officer shares how this PCMH organization has benefited thanks to their partnership with ScanSTAT for release of information and inbound document management services.

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and learn how ScanSTAT:

  • Earned Carevide’s trust to manage their ROI and inbound document management processes
  • Frees up Carevide’s staff to remain focused on patient care
  • Meets Carevide’s need for transparency with reporting

What Others Are Saying

“ScanSTAT’s communication makes them an excellent partner. I can rest assured knowing that if there are any errors, ScanSTAT will quickly communicate them, identify a resolution, and provide a final report. That transparency is key for us.”

– Carlos O., Vice President of Operations

“During our 10 years, we have had nothing but great service, support and continuing education from ScanSTAT. I am always so impressed by the communication we receive from ScanSTAT keeping us updated about the latest changes expected by the government and insurance industry.”

– Debi M., HIM Manager

“We were pleasantly surprised that ScanSTAT was a whole different animal from any other vendor we had used. Would I recommend ScanSTAT? Absolutely yes.

– Sheila S., Director of Medical Records