Webinar: Release of Information and eFiling for NextGen® Users

Join DFT’s own EMR enthusiast Andrea Umbreit as she reviews the benefits of outsourcing your medical records management during this webinar called “Release of Information and eFiling for NextGen Users.” You’ll learn how to streamline internal processes and save yourself endless hours of records tedium and frustration – all at a cost that will probably surprise you!

ScanSTAT Technologies is excited to offer outsourcing options to practices that have migrated to NextGen’s electronic records platform. Save time and money with ScanSTAT – from release of information to incoming medical records management, outsourcing can make your life easier and the practice more efficient.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Release of Information: outsourcing opportunities to optimize your NextGen EMR.
  2. eFiling of Incoming Documents: The value of your time, and the importance of accuracy and accountability.
  3. Case Studies and Return on Investment: When you should and shouldn’t outsource medical records management in your clinic.

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What Others Are Saying

“We were pleasantly surprised that ScanSTAT was a whole different animal from any other vendor we had used. Would I recommend ScanSTAT? Absolutely yes.

– Sheila S., Director of Medical Records

“ScanSTAT’s communication makes them an excellent partner. I can rest assured knowing that if there are any errors, ScanSTAT will quickly communicate them, identify a resolution, and provide a final report. That transparency is key for us.”

– Carlos O., Vice President of Operations