Webinar Recording: “OCR Email Notifications and Audits”

Paul Revere LArge

Did your organization receive an unexpected email from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) last Friday?  If so, don’t worry, you aren’t alone!  You and nearly 12,000 others in the healthcare industry also received the same email from OCR.  The OCR email sparked a feeling reminiscent of an iconic figure of American history, Paul Revere and his epic ride announcing, “The British are coming!  The British are coming!”

“The OCR Audits are coming!  The OCR Audits are coming!”

No fear, don’t panic, friends!  ScanSTAT Technologies has you covered!  We anticipated this communication from the OCR and we’re prepared to help you navigate what lies ahead.

Many organizations received at least one email asking for a person within the organization to confirm they are the primary contact in the event their organization is included in Phase Two of the OCR Audit Program of Covered Entities and Business Associates.

Did the OCR email get your heart racing?  (Deep breaths!  Deep breaths!)  We’re not surprised!  The OCR and HHS (Health and Human Services) have been vocal about kicking off the second round of their audits, but there is still much to be discovered about what these audits will look like.

Many in the industry considered the OCR email to be the “Paul Revere” Notice that your audit is around the corner.  However, the healthcare industry is realizing what a wide net was cast with these OCR emails sent last Friday, May 20, 2016.

So, this is not your notice that “your Audit is coming!” — not yet anyway.

Initially, 1,200 email confirmation notices were expected to be sent by OCR, but it’s now anticipated that the number is closer to 12,000 notices – and growing.  While this email is not an audit, it’s important to take this email seriously.  If your organization is chosen for an OCR Phase Two Audit, you will be contacted via this email address, and have approximately 10 days to respond.

Register here for a complimentary webinar to learn the most important aspects of this audit process and what it may mean for your organization.  The ScanSTAT Technologies Compliance Team will host a complimentary webinar to be held at 12:00 Noon Central, Wednesday June 1, 2016.    

What Others Are Saying

“ScanSTAT’s communication makes them an excellent partner. I can rest assured knowing that if there are any errors, ScanSTAT will quickly communicate them, identify a resolution, and provide a final report. That transparency is key for us.”

– Carlos O., Vice President of Operations

“During our 10 years, we have had nothing but great service, support and continuing education from ScanSTAT. I am always so impressed by the communication we receive from ScanSTAT keeping us updated about the latest changes expected by the government and insurance industry.”

– Debi M., HIM Manager