The provider experience is a crucial component of maintaining high degrees of patient satisfaction, supports positive patient outcomes, and can create a ripple effect across a healthcare organization. Minimizing provider burnout and ensuring a positive provider experience is increasingly important. According to industry research physician burnout can have devastating consequences, including increased medical errors, reduced patient satisfaction, poorer quality of care and declining patient outcomes. 

Inbound Document Management Can Support A Better Provider Experience 

One option for hospitals, clinics, and health systems to prevent burnout for their physicians is to find new ways to create efficiencies in everyday tasks and administrative work. The inbound document management function is one area ripe for improvement at many healthcare organizations.  

Inbound document management is hardly a favorite task among medical staff, but its importance cannot be understated. Providers rely on having the most up-to-date information in order to make the best decisions for patient care. Prepping, scanning, and indexing files in a timely manner is critical to this process of ensuring providers have the information they need to best support their patients.  

However, the process of managing inbound documents becomes tedious when staff is overburdened. ScanSTAT provides outsourced file scanning and indexing to alleviate the burden from healthcare organizations and make the process easier for everyone – creating a better provider experience along the way. Learn how offloading inbound document management with ScanSTAT’s team of experts can create stronger processes in support of patient care.  

Make Scanning and Indexing Easier 

When it comes to patient care, ensuring providers have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips is of the utmost importance. It’s vital that the inbound document management function be running smoothly for physicians to make informed care decisions, and time is of the essence. 

While medical records staff may face competing priorities, ScanSTAT offers an on-site or remote solution where inbound document management is our sole focus. While many administrative healthcare functions have gone paperless, paper charts are still used, and the info they contain must be logged into the patient’s digital chart into the EHR – every single day. ScanSTAT’s team of experts are dedicated to ensuring scanning, faxing, and indexing run smoothly so your providers can rest assured they have the right information available. 

Turnaround Time is Key  

Providers rely on having current information in order to make the best possible care decisions for their patients. With a partner like ScanSTAT, you can leverage an experienced organization to improve turnaround time for inbound document management. ScanSTAT brings more than 10 years of experience in document filing and staff are very knowledgeable. 

A vendor partner for inbound document management is able to scale remote support quickly to handle a sudden influx, along with providing consistent support to handle everyday filing, either onsite or offsite to meet your needs. ScanSTAT is able to complete most printing, scanning, and indexing same-day, and can prioritize urgent tasks as needed.  

Bring in Experts to Create New Efficiencies 

At a time when many medical record departments are being asked to do more with less, bringing in an expert partner can help your team become more efficient. A vendor like ScanSTAT can evaluate your existing workflows and suggest changes to improve processes for inbound document management. With an expert at your side, you don’t have to worry about the wrong patient record or the wrong results being tasked to the wrong provider. You can trust that your providers will have accurate patient information so they can focus on providing care.  

ScanSTAT Makes Inbound Document Management Easier For Everyone 

The provider experience is a key component of your hospital, clinic, or health system’s success. Finding new efficiencies and improvements in administrative functions like inbound document management can minimize burnout and improve the patient experience.  

If you’re curious to learn how outside support for inbound document management can improve the provider experience at your organization, contact ScanSTAT to learn more.  

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