A recent study published in the American Action Forum says probably not… (insert anxiety-filled gasp for air!)

You know firsthand about the high costs of purchasing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.  And the implementation and utilization of EHRs bring their own weighty costs and challenges.   And with as many as 60% of EHR purchasers last year REPLACING current EHR systems, healthcare organizations are once again spending more time and more money learning and deploying new systems and adjusting their workflows.

You’ve already spent a lot of money!  Now, ensuring optimization of your EHR is a critical component to improving the financial performance of your organization. Did you know that ScanSTAT can help your organization save time, save money and eliminate headaches by optimizing your EHR?

Our clients utilizing ScanSTAT for our inbound document management services report that the use of those services and our 24-hour turnaround time for Release of Information services has helped them to both optimize their EHR and optimize their staff.  ScanSTAT has afforded them the opportunity to work on higher priority projects and see more patients.  ScanSTAT is an expert superuser of all types of EHR systems.  We are fast, accurate and – most importantly – we are not prone to the countless interruptions that your staff must navigate every day.

Do the math!  If you to take an additional 60 seconds more per patient visit to complete the associated/required workflow tasks within the EHR than what our superuser ScanSTAT staff takes to complete the same tasks, that equates to about 30 minutes per day.  Could you put that same 30 minutes per day to better use by seeing patients instead?  If you’re getting $75 per visit, then its $150 per day…and suddenly that 60 seconds per visit is costing your practice as much as $30,000 per year!

Are you using our Inbound Document Management Services to fully optimize your EHR?

Are your clinicians able to access complete records at critical moments? Are your staff able to focus on patient care rather than administrative burdens that come along with EHR conversion and/or utilization?

If you can’t confidently answer YES to those few questions (or, you’re just not sure), it may be time to run a diagnostic test with one of our solutions specialists or email solutions@datafiletechnologies.com.  They’ll ask more in-depth questions and provide you with a better understanding of your level of EHR optimization—and what savings may be possible with the addition of our inbound document management services to your ScanSTAT portfolio.

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