Ever thought about how much time your staff spends filing incoming patient information every day? Ever wish that time could be better spent elsewhere – say, on patients? When our clients feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of staying up-to-date on patient information documents entering their EMR, we love being able to tell them that there IS an affordable solution.

ScanSTAT’s Inbound Document Management service is a completely remote document routing, indexing and filing service that gets your records updated faster than using your in house staff. Inbound Document Management has many benefits for your practice, including:

•    Saving you time and money on training new employees
•    Increasing efficiency and mitigating records-related risk by utilizing the expertise of trained professionals
•    Improving the patient experience as your practice’s work capacity is focused back on meeting the patient’s needs
•    And focusing on your practice’s individual needs, as inbound document management is 100% customizable.


This 2 ½ minute intro video explains the Inbound Document Management service.


[flowplayer src=’https://www.scanstat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/EROI.mp4′ width=530 height=298 splash=’https://www.scanstat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/eroi-splash.jpg’]


When you decide to outsource your incoming medical records filing workflow to ScanSTAT, all information is transmitted through a HIPAA-secure network connection to our team of professionals, who redistribute the information into the EMR following your established protocols and practice-specific policies. ScanSTAT will mirror your current policies and routing to ensure that records are constantly updated and reviewed. Most importantly, when a patient comes in for their appointment, the physician can rest assured knowing all the information will be ready in the patient’s file.

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