In healthcare, every penny counts. Costs are on the rise, and healthcare leaders are forced to search for alternatives to find cost savings and maintain cost efficiencies within their organizations. This is even more challenging for practices who prefer to stay independent because they are under even greater pressure to cut costs and find efficiencies. Because of the financial pressures healthcare organizations face, many are turning to group purchasing organizations (GPO) to leverage buying power and keep costs down. In an era where physician independence is threatened by rising costs, GPOs can often provide an opportunity for many organizations to remain independent.

A group purchasing organization is an entity that helps companies realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume and using their leverage to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors and vendors. Group purchasing organizations can provide extended values to healthcare organizations of all types and sizes. There are several benefits a healthcare organization can experience through a partnership with a GPO:

  • Buying power
  • Simpler purchasing processes
  • Lower costs on supplies/resources
  • Increased margins

With these benefits in mind, ScanSTAT pursued a GPO partnership to add greater value to our clients with efficient services. ScanSTAT is proud to partner with GroupSource, an industry-leading group purchasing organization. We’ve chosen to partner with GroupSource because, like ScanSTAT, they’re committed to helping providers keep the cost of care manageable. GroupSource’s goal is to provide their customers with a better understanding of current purchasing trends, deliver greater discounts, and increase business sophistication.  Think a group purchasing organization partnership is right for you? Visit GroupSource’s website to learn more.

Just like GroupSource helps organizations achieve cost savings through group purchasing, ScanSTAT delivers economies of scale and savings through remote HIM services. Check out our solutions to learn how your organization can offload costs and compliance liabilities with our release of information processes and offload the busywork of medical records through our eFiling procedures.

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