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Eliminate Medical Document Filing Backlogs with ScanSTAT's Remote Document Filing Solutions

Your On-Demand Medical Document Management Resource

Our specialists file your incoming faxes and scans eliminating paper backlogs and reducing back office burden, delays in patient care and low patient satisfaction scores.

Spend less time filing and more time caring for patients.

With Remote Filing, You Can Do More

Our comprehensive medical document filing services remove the burden from your staff by filing backlogs and offering secure ongoing filing services. Save time, money, and increase efficiency.

Increase Staff Efficiency

Eliminate the time-consuming, manual process of filing medical documents, while increasing staff efficiency, filing accuracy and chart quality.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Filing services are priced by the hour or by the document, so you can easily budget service levels and commitments.

Compliance Experts

Our specialists are experts at medical document management and HIPAA requirements, minimizing compliance risks with rigorous quality assurance.

Customized Focus

We learn and document your preferences for document types and workflow and we conform to those preferences while tracking and reporting our accuracy to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

ScanSTAT removes the burden from your staff by filing backlogs and offering secure ongoing filing services. From retrieval to quality assurance to filing, we’ve got you covered.

How Often are Files Retrieved by ScanSTAT?
ScanSTAT retrieves medical documents as needed from your facility and files daily.

Does ScanSTAT Have a Minimum Service Level?
To meet your needs at an affordable price, our filing services are priced by the hour or at a per document rate.

Can ScanSTAT Accommodate Temporary Increases in Filing Needs with Little Notice?
Yes! We understand that employees miss work and turnover is inevitable, so we offer flexible filing solutions as needed.

Who Files Our Medical Documents?
ScanSTAT’s specialized staff files your incoming faxes and scans.

What is the Standard Service Level for Filing Documents?
Our goal is to meet your filing needs at an affordable price, so we offer flexible pricing by the hour or per document.

Are clients required to commit to a long-term contract?
No, you determine how long you need our services prior to onboarding.

"Moving to ScanSTAT was the smoothest transition ever!"

—HIM Director, Southeast TX

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ScanSTAT is your on-demand medical document management resource. With us, your staff will be able to spend less time filing and more time caring for patients. Click below to see how our solutions can be customized to your needs.