ScanSTAT Technologies takes our role as healthcare data experts seriously, and we recognize that our greatest compliance asset is our people. We’ve experienced significant growth over the past couple of years, and as we continue to expand our workforce, we also remain committed to instilling a company-wide culture of compliance and ethics. Our Compliance team has taken several measures to increase the ways in which we’re highlighting our compliance efforts.

Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics

We’re pleased to announce that, for the second year in a row, ScanSTAT participated in Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week (CCEW) from November 5-11. CCEW, sponsored by the

Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, is a way to further promote an atmosphere of celebrating compliance and each employee’s journey to success.

Awareness, Recognition and Reinforcement.

Our focus this year is three-fold:

  • Awareness: We asked each employee to take time this week to reflect on how compliance interacts with his/her job performance. Are there new compliance challenges that employees feel their team needs training on? If so, this week provided many opportunities to share new challenges and concerns with the Compliance team to add to our education and training focus for the coming months. We also used this as an opportunity to stress the various ways in which employees can direct their compliance and ethics inquiries and concerns all year long – whether in anonymous reporting or by email. We started our celebration with a CCEW Kick-Off Lunch and Learn. We planted the seed of spreading awareness by asking employees to submit their compliance questions. We invited all employees to eat lunch together as the Compliance team answered the submitted questions. This interactive forum was a great way to start CCEW!
  • Recognition: We can’t stress enough that we at ScanSTAT firmly believe that our greatest compliance asset is our people. CCEW has been a great way to recognize those who have, throughout the year, gone above and beyond to promote our culture of compliance. It was also a great way to recognize employees who seek out learning opportunities and participate in celebrating compliance. Each day this week, we hosted various opportunities for employees to participate and gain recognition on our ScanSTAT Compliance Stars display.
  • Reinforcement: The phrase “it takes a village” comes to mind when we think of why reinforcement of the compliance and ethics guidelines/goals is so very important. Every employee is critical to our compliance efforts. It takes all levels of our organization to ensure that there truly is a culture of compliance. CCEW has been a fantastic way for ScanSTAT to focus on getting back to basics. Spreading our compliance goals and the purpose of CCEW has helped reinforce the Compliance team’s mission to all employees – both in-house and remote.

Making Compliance Fun

The Compliance team relished the chance to make Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week a fun and informative time for ScanSTAT. This was not just another training seminar. It was a unique opportunity to celebrate all the work we as an organization have already done and focus on ways to continue improving and helping our clients. Promoting compliance can be fun, we promise!

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