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Why The Quadruple Aim Matters

This article was originally posted on The League of Healthcare Experts. As the healthcare industry has undergone tremendous changes in the past decade, including the gradual transition to value-based reimbursement,… Read More

What Can You Do with 25 Extra Hours a Month?

What could your providers do with an extra 25 hours per month? A recent article from John Lynn highlighted how UC Davis Health helped diminish the number of hours their… Read More

Three Lessons From a Public Single Patient Breach

It’s happened to all healthcare organizations – a miskeyed fax number, a misfile in the patient chart missed during audit – leading to a HIPAA unauthorized disclosure.  While unauthorized disclosures… Read More

Subpoenas and SAMHSA

Ask a healthcare professional to disregard HIPAA and age-old policies on how to handle medical records, and you’ll probably be met with a confused stare.  However, that is a possibility… Read More

Battling Burnout

Stress seems inevitable when working in healthcare, but it’s actually snowballed into something more serious: burnout. A recent survey of 1,733 healthcare professionals conducted by MGMA revealed 45% of those… Read More

GroupSource: GPOs Helping Healthcare

In healthcare, every penny counts. Costs are on the rise, and healthcare leaders are forced to search for alternatives to find cost savings and maintain cost efficiencies within their organizations. This… Read More

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