We’ve rounded up the top four medical records news stories from last month. Check out the list below for industry highlights from August 2020.

Healthcare Industry Adds 75,000 Jobs in August

With thousands of healthcare workers laid off in 2020 due to the pandemic, the industry added 75,000 jobs in August. While this is a decline from the 126,000 jobs added in July, August continues showing a trend of recovery for the industry. In particular, the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that hospitals are continuing to add jobs – a notable rebound after many hospitals had to make mass layoffs earlier in the year. Learn more about hiring trends in the healthcare industry as reported by Fierce Healthcare.

Tips for Catching Up with Elective Procedures

COVID-19 effectively halted elective procedures at clinics and hospitals across the country this year. As practices continue to reopen, elective procedures are back on the table again, meaning patients will regain the opportunity for these services that often dramatically improve their quality of life. Learn how your organization can offload office tasks during this time and expedite these elective procedures.

False OCR Communications Circulating by Mail

According to the Office of Civil Rights, postcards are being sent to healthcare organizations disguised as official OCR communications. For details on these fraudulent postcards, what to look for and how to report suspicious OCR mail to the FBI, visit the National Law Review.

Primary Care Providers Considering Options for Greater Financial Resilience

Businesses throughout the United States have been financially impacted by COVID-19, and primary care providers are no exception. Sudden closures forced many practices to lay off staff and implement pay cuts when revenue became limited to emergency and essential cases in the face of the pandemic. While offices are cautiously beginning to reopen, the financial impact remains. As a result, primary care providers are considering options to create more financial resilience for their sector of the industry.

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