Many healthcare organizations of all types and sizes have made the smart choice to partner with ScanSTAT for their Release of Information (ROI) needs and here are their FIVE FAVORITE FREEBIES our clients get when they partner with ScanSTAT.  And here is the best part – All five freebies MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER!

1. ScanSTAT will dramatically decrease the number of calls coming into your office about Release of Information.  Guaranteed!

There are two ways ScanSTAT reduces the number of calls coming into your office for status check updates:

 First, ScanSTAT can give a complete and accurate answer to the status check caller the first time.  When a patient or third party requestor calls your office, you simply send all status check callers to ScanSTAT.  As an extra BONUS, you will also decrease the time and effort a caller will spend to get what he or she needs.  Your caller will get questions answered quickly and completely when you forward the calls to ScanSTAT.

The second way that ScanSTAT decreases the number of calls coming into your office is through relationships we already have in place with numerous third party requestors and payers.  ScanSTAT already has special distribution agreements and special billing agreements in place to assist many of these types of organizations.  Such agreements are especially attractive to multi-patient review requestors.

You know these folks.  They are the very aggressive callers who call and call and call and call and call — well, you know!  These are the types of callers that would prefer to negotiate with ScanSTAT to also earn a special distribution agreement (read: faster) or a special billing agreement (read: discounted).  Isn’t that why these third party requestors are calling you in the first place?  They want their records faster and cheaper!  ScanSTAT invites our clients to get out of the middle and let it happen!

2. Increase patient satisfaction! Patients and third party requestors will never have to navigate a phone tree system because a live person always answers ScanSTAT phones between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time.  ScanSTAT has many capable people in our Contact Center – 25% of which are bi-lingual.  All are ready and able to help your patients and requestors.

3. Prompt communication with patients and requestors. All incoming emails and voicemails to ScanSTAT Contact Center about Release of Information are returned within two hours of receipt.

4. ScanSTAT is able to offer ROI service to our clients at little to no cost because we charge third party requestors. ScanSTAT serves clients in nearly every state and are happy to help your organization too, regardless of your state’s fee structure.  Many of our clients enjoy a cost savings with the ScanSTAT Release of Information workflow.

5. However, the most important reason to partner with ScanSTAT for your Release of Information needs is to ensure that HIPAA risk and liability transfers away from you to ScanSTAT. As your Business Associate, ScanSTAT assumes all risk and liability associated with the medical records we release on behalf of your organization.  We are up to date on every fee structure, every regulation and every ratio for every state in the country.  ScanSTAT has staff who have a dedicated focus on state laws, HIPAA and other healthcare regulations that impact the Release of Information workflow.

Get to know ScanSTAT!  If you’re confused about the quickly changing regulations in healthcare, please call us.  ScanSTAT is happy to answer your questions about HIPAA compliance.  ScanSTAT has staff who have a dedicated focus on state laws, HIPAA and other healthcare regulations that impact the Release of Information workflow.


1. Transferred our HIPAA risk and liability to ScanSTAT

2. Realized a cost savings!

3. Increased patient satisfaction by decreasing time, effort and energy to get a complete answer.  ScanSTAT Contact Center staff is very capable and 25% are bi-lingual

4. Drastically decreased the number of calls coming into our organization

5. Experienced quicker resolution because ScanSTAT returns emails and voicemails within two hours

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