We Are Technology Innovators

We share responsibility for patient confidentiality and information security with our clients.

Why is ScanSTAT's Technology Unlike Any Other?

Uncompromising security

  • Medical document encryption
  • SSL certificates protect documents from unauthorized use
  • Patient/requester and password verification procedures consistently upgraded


  • Medical document turnaround time of 24 hours or less
  • Monday-Saturday live support
  • Total-transparent data reporting
  • Efficient and affordable document requests combined with complete confidentiality

Software developed by ROI professionals for ROI professionals

  • Intuitive user interface streamlines medical document requests, minimizes training and increases efficiency
  • Simplified transition process from another vendor to ScanSTAT
  • Operational from day one means technology has been tested and is working flawlessly to eliminate any downtime

SecureSYNC Electronic Delivery Portal

We offer a secure way for you to receive requested medical records.

The SecureSYNC portal is an easy to use solution that delivers secure digital access to requested medical record information.

Our goal is to make the delivery of medical records as efficient and secure as possible, while supporting a fully digital process.

Find out more about this SecureSYNC solution by contacting us via the link below.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Technology

Our reporting system introduces a whole new level of visibility for clients.

“I picked ScanSTAT because of their platform, of where we enter the data, and how we’d have access to that, and they just had really good technology at that time.”

HIM Director

“[ScanSTAT] would also archive [requests], so ... if you got an attorney request today for patient, Joe Jones, and then a month later you get the opposing attorney requesting the same records, you could make sure that you were releasing the exact same records. That was the biggest thing for us, that they kept what they released, so that you could go back and review it.”

HIM Manager

“The transparency [of reporting is great]. ... Two months later if somebody called and asked about [a] request, we could pull it up.”

HIM Director

"Because they’re hiring the right people and because of the technology they have, they’re able to easily manage the front-end process of release of information, meaning getting those requests out timely. ... They’re able to handle the invoicing and collecting of the billable requests to make sure that we’re meeting the state requirements on turnaround times."

HIM Director

Industry-Leading Technology

ScanSTAT provides efficient, accurate and confidential medical document management.

ScanSTAT’s Release of Information solutions give YOU the flexibility to use our professionals or your experienced personnel to process requests using our next generation EMR-enabled technology. ScanSTAT's HIM-experienced management and HIPAA-certified professionals eliminate the Release of Information burden from your staff as we manage the entire process. With our U Control model, our system increases the efficiency for your staff to process ROI requests and creates a revenue stream for your facility.

Using an industry-leading technology platform and HIM best practices, ScanSTAT improves turnaround times, streamlines workflows and ensures HIPAA / HITECH compliance.


Find out how our turn-around-time, implementation and technology take the headache out of medical record release and filing processes.

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